It has to be said

It’s been a while since I have posted anything, but now it’s time to speak. In light of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, or, to be more specific, in light of the recent comments and actions by those who claim to support our Second Amendment, I find that it’s time to speak up. I am appalled at how these supposedly 2A supporters have caved in to the gun grabbers in our government and country. Yes, it is a terrible thing that happened in Las Vegas!  One crazed, evil individual perpetrated a horrendous act on thousands of innocent people and took many lives and injured many others.  That is a fact!  What is also a fact, is that a human being perpetrated this terrible act, NOT the firearms that everyone is now wanting to blame!  The person is guilty–NOT the gun!  Yet, the very day, and days following the shooting in Las Vegas, many are calling for bans on bump stocks, followed quickly for banning so called assault weapons!  Once again, the dreaded assault weapon comes to the forefront.

For those of you that may not know, the so called assault weapon, is properly named a semi automatic firearm. This semi automatic rife is used everyday to hunt, target shoot, and generally just to enjoy a day on the range. It’s no different than the firearm that your father and grandfather may have used to shoot varmints in the barn lot!  Oh sure, it’s black and holds more rounds at times, but it’s just a semi automatic rifle!  The difference in the Las Vegas shooting is that in this case, an evil man was pulling the trigger!  The gun is an inanimate object and is totally innocent!

It’s the same old story that we have heard for many years!  People are not held responsible for their actions!  It used to be that when you did something wrong, you were held responsible. You, not an object!  Nowadays, we blame everyone, and everything, except ourselves, for the wrong doing!  It’s time we made sense and blamed the person, or persons, who are responsible. And in case you are wondering, I feel terrible for what happened in Las Vegas. My heart goes out to all who were affected. It’s a tragedy. It shouldn’t have happened. And it wouldn’t have happened if this evil man had not done the deed!  Don’t blame the guns, blame the man!  He is at fault!  Period!

And for all the people calling for bans on accessories and firearms, whether in government or civilian life, know this, this country is filled with right thinking Patriots that will never stand still and let you take our guns!  We vote, and we will ALWAYS defend our RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!

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