Practice, Prepare, Proficient

A few days ago, I was watching a National Geographic documentary on Charlie Company in Vietnam. A statement from one of the vets caught my attention. Commenting on a major battle he said:

In battle, your training takes over.

He went on to state that once the battle was over, you thought about what could have happened without the training. 

I realized that the same is true concerning your personal defense in civilian life. The sad truth is that many CCW permit holders will rarely, if ever, practice with their carry gun. They take a CCW class, pass it, and proceed to carry in public without ever firing their carry firearm again. The terrible truth is that if they ever do need to draw and fire, they will be a nervous wreck. Now honestly, anyone would be nervous in this situation, but without having practiced, and practiced regularly, they will have very little training to lean on. A basic CCW course is a great start, but you must practice regularly to keep your edge. Regular Practice will help you retain what you learned in class–you will be able to perform basic movements without having to think about them. You should consider taking a more advanced class where you do a lot more gun work, setting up scenarios that you may encounter in a self defense situation. Advanced classes,  again, with regular practice, will help you to be Prepared, for whatever situation that may arise. And as Practice, helps you to be Prepared, you will soon become Proficient, with your carry weapon. And, if the eventual self defense situation does happen, you will now have the training that will take over and allow you a fighting chance of surviving. 

SW Preston

Elite Armed Defense

If you are interested in an advanced class please contact to me to discuss options.

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